Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our Shabby Apple Baby

I saw the cutest dress on a friends blog and thought - Wow! Londyn would look so cute in that! So, I clicked on the link and oh my....a mom's heaven. Shabby Apple has the CUTEST dresses for girls, mom's, and mom's to be! The hardest decision you'll have is choosing which one. If you're like me, I couldn't decide, I wanted them all. So, I decided to enter their "Picture Princess" baby contest. If Londyn wins, she'll receive an entire Shabby Baby Spring Wardrobe and will be in their Summer 2009 Photoshoot. So don't mind us, we're going to brag a little here...

Our little Londyn is the "Perfect Picture Princess"! She arrived with her right hand up and snug by her head...she was born a diva princess. At only 6 months old, she has us wrapped around her cute little finger. When others see her, they always comment on her sparkly big brown eyes, her head full of hair, and just how stinkin' cute she is! We rarely make it through a store without being stopped. Londyn definitely is a crowd stopper! Just one look at her and she's got ya lovin her...that's a true princess! We love our little Londy Lou!

Although I think Londyn would look absolutely adorable in any of these dresses, I can only suggest one. I love this 'Queen of Hearts' because that is exactly what Londyn is to us! We hope Londyn wins. Shabby Apple needs a baby model - and who better than Londyn? :o)

Be sure to check out "Little girls and girls dresses from Shabby Baby"

Seriously, so cute!! And click here to enter your own princess, today is the last day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baby Parade Winners 2008

We went to my mom's on Sunday and when we got there she asked us if we'd seen the Post Register. We hadn't, and I asked her if the Baby Parade had come out. I told her we must not have won because we didn't get a phone call or anything, but mom and Jalyce said she had! They choose a winner for each month and our little Londyn won for Septemeber!! Yay! Also, the June winner, Kazley Sakota, is a cousin. Something in the blood I guess. ;o)

Our little September! We must admit that we are pretty proud parents! :o)
I love looking through this every year! There are so many cute babies, fun names, and some names that ya wonder - what were they thinking. :o) Any favorites that you've seen???

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Who does this?

Anyone else bugged with The Bachelor last night? I read a friend's blog who feels the same way I do, we feel it was set-up last night cuz Melissa looked ticked when she came out. Plus, no audience, both her and Molly had to know something was up. I just can't believe he broke up with her on live TV - seriously, who does this? I liked Melissa from the get-go and agreed with all that she said last night. I guess there is a Part 2 tonight...I was thinking, oh what, now he's going to dump Molly and hook up with DeAnna? So lame!