Monday, May 25, 2009

8 months old!

What have we been up to the last month? Well, my brother, Tyson got married in Phoenix on April 24th. This was Londyn's first Airplane ride and she did great! As we were getting off our flight, an older couple told us they didn't even know she was on there. Londyn had fun looking around at all the people. She's so curious! This is just before we boarded the flight.
We flew with my parents and Jamie and Jalyce. Londyn enjoyed going back and forth between all of us before the flight took off. Then, she slept for most the flight.
Tagg was a Groomsman and was pretty hot stuff! :o) Tyson and Meghan had a beautiful wedding, great food, and dancing! It was a blast. Tagg even got to have Londyn's first dance. So cute! I wish I would have got pics of my nephew Adler dancing. He went up to the D.J. and requested "Low" by Flo Rida (a.k.a. Apple bottom jeans). Then, Adler danced the entire song doing his sweet Ninja moves, turtle shell spin, penguin slide, and various break moves! The photographers were LOVING him! After the song, I asked Adler if he had fun and if he was scared. He just said, "I think everybody liked my dance. They kept taking pictures so I kept doing it." Too funny! I'll have to see if we can get a video on here, it's hilarious! Anyway, it was a short trip and we loved being in AZ. It was so warm, but not too hot yet. We didn't want to come back to the freezing cold, that's for sure!
And last but not least...Londyn is 8 months old today! Crazy!! She is so fun! She is so close to crawling. When she's sitting, she gets into this position, with one leg back and starts scooting and lunging forward. Then when she's on her tummy, she gets into position and starts bouncing. She will move her hands forward and then does a nice face plant or lets out this "ugh" sound from landing right on her tummy. :o) She is also teething, not so fun. She got the first bottom tooth at 7 1/2 months, now the other bottom is making it's way. I hate the fever, running nose, clingyness, and whinning that comes along with teething. But do you blame her? Poor little girl.
I am covering for a girl at work while she's on Maternity Leave. Luckily, they are letting me bring Londyn. I must admit though, it's a lot of work being back full-time and having a busy baby there! I feel so bad for her cuz she gets pretty bored. It's supposed to only be for 2 weeks, but I haven't heard if that's still the case. Londyn's been a trooper. Some other things she's doing is waving hi and buh-bye and giving kisses, slobber and all. Love it! She plays peek-a-boo and you can tell her to dance, and she'll start bouncing. ADORABLE!!
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My first blanket!

Well, I did it! I finally bought a sewing maching, picked out material, and made my first baby blanket! I wanted the rag style, just bigger squares, and something bright for Spring/Summer. I really liked how it turned out. Thank you Jan for helping me! Oh, and doesn't Londyn look so cute in yellow? Can't get enough of her!! When I was taking these pics, she kept grabbing at her new blanket and trying to play peek-a-boo, too cute!
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Easter fun

Aren't these rollers so cute? My Aunt Johni said we should just go out on the town with them in. :o) I forgot to take a pic of what her hair looked like afterwards, oops! Just add it to my to-do list.
Londyn on Easter morning. We got her this cute Fisher Price Zoo thing with cute little animals and a learning table. These were/are big hits! She loves to clank the animals together, swing the monkey so he makes noise, opens and closes the "computer" on the learning table, and we just sit and watch and laugh. It's great family fun!
This is Londyn in her Easter dress. She has so many cute Spring/Summer dresses, it was hard to decide which one to put her in. This is her learning table, we left off the legs though, since she can't stand on her own yet. Londyn is 7 months old. I know I always say that the time is flying, but it really is. She has started rocking back on her hands and knees and rolls all over. I'll have to post some more pics - it's so cute! She's pretty busy, and with crawling around the corner, I can only imagine the things she'll discover! She's very curious too. We spent Easter Saturday at the Williams' and had a fun Easter Egg Hunt and just enjoyed dinner and visiting with the fam. Jerry was showing the grandkids how he trained his dog to catch a frisby, so we were out watching and out of the blue, Londyn just started laughing! It was so funny. She would laugh everytime Bo would jump up and catch it. Then, we went to my mom's for Easter Sunday. It was nice to have a quiet day with just us, my parents, and two little sister's. And of course, another yummy dinner!
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