Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What are the chances?

Last year at my company Christmas Party, Lacey, Ashley, Kassie, and I all decided that we would purchase tickets to the Celine Dion concert for Nov. 21st. At first we thought it was a little crazy to be buying concert tickets nearly a year in advance, but hey, why not. We were so excited for our girls weekend. Well, Kassie and I got pregnant and can't leave our babies. So, we decided to take our husbands and go Christmas shopping and stay at the same hotel so the guys could hang out while we were at the concert (and watch the babies). We've been so excited for this, but then Lacey called and broke the news. The concert has been post-poned till February 22nd (a Sunday night - how dumb!). Seriously!! What are the odds? Apparantely Celine has inflammed vocal cords and a naso-pharangeal infection or something. GRR!! I can't go in Feb. because one of our friends from N.D. is getting married the day before. I'm so bummed now!! At least I got to see Celine in Vegas last Nov. But still, we'd been waiting ELEVEN MONTHS for this!! Did anyone else have tickets to go this weekend?

All about Londyn

Londyn has been smiling & cooing and I've been loving it!! She is getting big so fast, I can't believe she will be 2 months old on the 25th! I just love this picture. Tagg had just set up her play mat and she was just a smiling away and talking, it was so cute!
Londyn also loves tummy time. Actually, everytime we have tummy time, she ends up falling asleep. She naps better on her tummy than her back. I guess she really is her daddy's child as Tagg is always sleeping on his stomach. :o)

So, between weeks 1-4 Londyn HATED her bouncer and swing! It was a little frustrating because I couldn't get anything done since she just wanted to be held. So, I decided to just love her and snuggle her and enjoy it! The housework could wait. Well, at 5 weeks Londyn decided that she LOVES her swing and is warming up to her bouncer. HOORAY! I nurse her at about 8 a.m. then change her, snuggle her, and then put her in her swing. She is usually out in less than 5 minutes. So, I quickly shower and get ready and even get a few house chores done before she wakes up. At that time, we bathe her and get her ready for the day. So, thank you Lataun for letting us borrow the swing!!
I am SO loving being a mommy! It is the best job I've ever had. :o) Even though we've had a few rough days/nights, it has been so very worth it. She has been so much fun and has totally changed our lives. Here's some things about Londyn:
~ Loves tummy time, warm baths, and snuggling
~ Loves her car seat, stroller, and swing
~ Loves her binky
~ Likes to have a blanket by her face when trying to fall asleep
~ Hates being cold (I turn up the heater during bathtime so it's not so cold when she gets out, and it has seemed to help)
~ Holding head up a lot better
~ Smiles and talks to mommy and daddy
~ Recognizes our voices
~ Sleeps from 11pm-3am (sometimes 4) then eats again every 2 hours till about 8 am then she naps till 11 am and eats the rest of the day between 2 1/2 and 3 hours.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

I couldn't find anything that fit Londyn for Halloween, so we put her in this pink cow fleece outfit and called it good. Halloween was so much fun this year, a baby really does change everything. :o) We went to Tagg's parents for a family party. Jan thought it would be fun for us to line up oldest to youngest and play pass the grapefruit under our chins. It was hilarious!! If I can figure out how to put the video of it on here, I'll add it. Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween.

Londyn's Blessing..."Oh Sh**"

Well due to the fact that this was a personal experience I, Tagg, have decided to do this post - but don't get used to it. On Sunday we had the opportunity to bless Londyn. We were both very excited for this, but I was probably more nervous than anything. As the night approached I called my dad to double check how I was suppose to do everything and he was able to calm my nerves a little bit. Well Sunday rolled around and we went to church. I was very nervous because Londyn had fallen asleep a little earlier and I was worried she wouldn't sleep during the blessing. Just as the song ended and ward business began Londyn, like I thought, woke up and was wide eyed. I was sure that she was going to start crying right when we were getting ready to bless her. Well Londyn and I and a few gentleman walked to the front and she was still wide awake. We gathered around the circle and I started the blessing. Don't forget that I was as nervous as a little kid going to the dentist for the first time. Well as I was trying to rememeber the words I felt Londyn kind of sliding in my hands, I opened my eyes and looked at everyone in the circle to see if they looked paranoid at all, and everyone seemed cool so I just thought it was me and my nerves again. Just after I named her there she went.... I opened my eyes, I saw her sliding very quickly down our arms like a ride at raging waters and just as Bishop and my dad almost hit their knees to catch her I non-chalauntly said "oh sh**". I looked around even more nervous now hoping that no one heard it through the microphone.... Fortunatley no one did but I was nervous before and now I was just completly rattled. I made it through the blessing and so did Londyn, although when I raised her up so that the congregation could see her, her dress was up by her neck and her bow had all but fallen off. Needless to say Londyn barely made it through the blessing, and can't wait to see what happens when we baptize her...Anyone sense a drowning???
DARCI'S STORY: I just thought I should include my experience of this crazy story. So, I knew Tagg was pretty nervous for Londyn's blessing. All week he kept asking me if I could please make sure she was fed so that she wouldn't scream through the whole thing. Well, Sunday came and as I tried to get her nursing scheduled around Sacrament I decided to pump enough to hold her over just in case. I was glad I did because she was ready to eat by the time church started. Anyway, so Tagg went up to bless her and just as he named her, he went silent. I didn't open my eyes (unlike several friends and family members) instead, I just thought "Okay honey, find the words..." and still silence. So I thought, "just say something, anything" (which apparently was when he said oh shiz and about dropped our precious baby!!!) And then, finally, he kept going with the blessing. I really didn't think anything of it, just that I felt bad that he either couldn't find the words, or that he got pretty choked up. When he went to hold up Londyn for everyone to see her, I noticed that the Bishop was still holding on to Londyn. I then noticed Tagg mouth to the bishop "I got her". I thought that was a little weird but then thought that Bishop was just giving him a hard time cuz he was a new dad. And then I quickly noticed that Londyn's beautiful dress was up to her neck and that her bow was all cricked and about falling off. I thought, "what the heck did they do to her?" Little did I know that they nearly dropped her! I also noticed that Chad, Tagg's brother was holding back his famous laugh as he was saying something to Tagg. But, I just thought it was Chad just giving Tagg a hard time for not being able to find the words. Once Tagg and Londyn made it to me, Jerry (Tagg's dad) and Tagg were laughing and asking me if I saw what happened. Uh...NO!! I didn't see, but it all made sense that Londyn looked like she had been tossed around the circle afterwards! :o) Tagg also was wanting to make sure that we didn't hear him swear. Uh...nope... just those who were in the circle, including the bishop! So just for the record, I didn't see her nearly hit the floor and I will be sure to have lifeguards at her baptism!