Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All about Londyn

Londyn has been smiling & cooing and I've been loving it!! She is getting big so fast, I can't believe she will be 2 months old on the 25th! I just love this picture. Tagg had just set up her play mat and she was just a smiling away and talking, it was so cute!
Londyn also loves tummy time. Actually, everytime we have tummy time, she ends up falling asleep. She naps better on her tummy than her back. I guess she really is her daddy's child as Tagg is always sleeping on his stomach. :o)

So, between weeks 1-4 Londyn HATED her bouncer and swing! It was a little frustrating because I couldn't get anything done since she just wanted to be held. So, I decided to just love her and snuggle her and enjoy it! The housework could wait. Well, at 5 weeks Londyn decided that she LOVES her swing and is warming up to her bouncer. HOORAY! I nurse her at about 8 a.m. then change her, snuggle her, and then put her in her swing. She is usually out in less than 5 minutes. So, I quickly shower and get ready and even get a few house chores done before she wakes up. At that time, we bathe her and get her ready for the day. So, thank you Lataun for letting us borrow the swing!!
I am SO loving being a mommy! It is the best job I've ever had. :o) Even though we've had a few rough days/nights, it has been so very worth it. She has been so much fun and has totally changed our lives. Here's some things about Londyn:
~ Loves tummy time, warm baths, and snuggling
~ Loves her car seat, stroller, and swing
~ Loves her binky
~ Likes to have a blanket by her face when trying to fall asleep
~ Hates being cold (I turn up the heater during bathtime so it's not so cold when she gets out, and it has seemed to help)
~ Holding head up a lot better
~ Smiles and talks to mommy and daddy
~ Recognizes our voices
~ Sleeps from 11pm-3am (sometimes 4) then eats again every 2 hours till about 8 am then she naps till 11 am and eats the rest of the day between 2 1/2 and 3 hours.


NancyT said...

Darc- she is a doll. You guys looked so cute kinda matchy-matchy.

lrix said...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday. You are brave since my kids are always all over you. I love seeing Londyn. She is so cute. You always have her looking so adorable. She is one lucky little girl.

Karri said...

Mandy says If I think Londyn is cute in these pictures that I should see her in person! She really is making me baby hungry.