Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Londyn's Many Faces

Londy will bring the remote to us so we can turn on her shows. She is addicted I tell ya! But, what's not to love about The Backyardigans or Little Einsteins?
Every time we grab the camera and tell Londyn to look at us, she squints her nose and breaths in and out really fast. I'm glad we've got a few on camera now since she usually stops by the time it actually takes the pic.

This cute little face is a new one. She'll go around dancing like a crazy person and sing. She'll also do this face and say ooo, ooo, ooo a bunch as she's doing tippy toes or spinning in a circle. :o)
She loves to brush her teeth, which is an easy way to get her hair done. People always ask me how I get her to hold still and honestly, it hasn't been an issue. I just sit her on the bathroom counter, turn on the water just a tad, and she takes our toothbrushes in and out of the holder and also puts them under the water. I also think it helps that I've been doing her hair since day one. So, I think she's just used to it. I'll even ask her, "Londyn, should we go fix your pretty hair?" And she taps her hand on her head and walks right to the bathroom. She's a pretty good kid. Friends and family keep reminding us that we'll never have another "Londyn". And Tagg says, "then why try for any more and risk gettin a naughty kid?" Hmmm...