Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nursery ready? Check.

Here are pictures of our baby girl's Nursery. Pretty pink, right? The wall behind her crib is pretty bright, and the other walls are pretty pink. I'm so excited to have it all painted though, we got it done in one day. Thank you to my sister, Courtney for the awesome crib and dresser/changing table. We LOVE it! There is also a glider on the other side of the crib - thanks Court for that too. She has totally hooked us up. That mirror in the corner won't be staying - we just don't have anywhere else to put it right now. Now I've just got to get some decorations for the walls, you can see that Tagg still hasn't hung that picture that is sitting on the changing pad. Oh, and I've got to get a lamp for the lamp shade. So many things still to do and time is winding down. I'm 29 weeks today, feeling great, and counting these next 11 weeks down!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

26 weeks and counting!

After getting my own personal Blog Cheerleaders, Erin & Katie, I am finally posting a picture of my belly. This is the most recent one I have. I'm 26 weeks in this pic, and I will be 29 weeks on Thursday. I just got diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, last week and it's not so fun! I am not on insulin...yet, but I'm afraid it may be around the corner. I have been watching my carbs and sugars and yet my blood glucose levels are still elevated. I was pretty shocked to learn that I had G.D. since I have only gained 10 pounds at 28 weeks. I have quickly learned that there are many factors that contribute to GD and I am not on a diet. My main problem was that I was eating most of my carbs at night instead of spreading them out throughout the day. And I can't drink so much juice, oh how I am missing my Grape Cranberry juice every morning! I also learned that I am slightly anemic, so I have to take more iron pills. I was on such a roll, I had no morning sickness, a great 1st and 2nd trimester, and now on the home stretch - I have some minor set backs. At least the baby is healthy and for now, I can manage the GD with diet. I'll keep ya posted. I meet with my Diabetes Specialist tomorrow and then another follow up appt with my doctor on Tuesday. I can't believe I'm already going in every 2 weeks! Time is flying by!

More at Lake Powell

Lataun, Mia, and Jan tubing at Lake Powell.

Aahh...Tagg jumpin!

I love this picture of my nieces, Indee and Haddi. It was so fun watching them jump off the rocks, tube, knee board, and ski for the first time.

Lataun and Mia soaking up the sun! Mia was giggling the whole time - it was so cute!

Sicilee and Kimbri - they are my nieces and are the same age. They're getting so big, so fast.

I love this picture too. Tagg practing for next year - our baby will be 9 months old.

Lake Powell

Tagg and I went to Lake Powell with Tagg's brother, Chad, sister, Kami, and parents. Monte and his family, a friend of Chad & Lataun's, also went. It was so much fun! The weather was nice too. It wasn't too hot, and the water was pretty nice. I couldn't do much, just sit in the boat and the beach, or float around since I was 6 1/2 months pregnant. I would go again in a heartbeat though. There were lots of fun and crazy things that happened. To start off, Jan and Jerry's boat only ran for about 30 minutes. So, us four had to hop between Chad, Monte, and John's boat the rest of the week. That first day, Tagg, Jan, and I decided to take a break from the boat rides and stay with the "beach" stuff, and we got hit with a wind storm! Sand and water was blowing every where, and we were trying to hold on to life jackets, towels, floaties, and anything else that was left with us on this rock. Needless to say, John and Kami were the only one's that came to our rescue! Thanks again by the way. :o) Other things that happened were: ~Chad's boat ran out of gas, twice and Monte had to pull him to the dock.

~Tagg getting teased by everyone for not jumping...I mean, for getting attacked by crows the day before we left, while climbing a 300 foot tower!

~Losing each other while going to Rainbow Bridge. We just couldn't all seem to stay together. :o)

~Watching Jerry Cliff dive, instead of jumping and convincing Jan to finally jump too.

~Waiting for our room's AC to finally kick in.

~Jan's snoring - no worries, I found the highest decibel ear plugs for Tagg and I to wear each night. We love you Jan, but we gotta get our ZZZZ's

~ Going to Safeway to buy Apple Juice and Milk with 5 young girls.

~ Getting hit on by a drunk guy at 6 1/2 months pregnant. And then he asked me for money and kept telling me "you're welcome" and I would ask for what? And he said, "for my people that created this place for you to come enjoy." Yeah, he was VERY drunk!

~ Jerry promising that he pushed 85 for gas and not 87...but he got charged the 87 price, not the 85. Hmm...I dunno Jerr - computers don't lie. ;o)

All and all it was a great trip! What week are we going next year?