Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lake Powell

Tagg and I went to Lake Powell with Tagg's brother, Chad, sister, Kami, and parents. Monte and his family, a friend of Chad & Lataun's, also went. It was so much fun! The weather was nice too. It wasn't too hot, and the water was pretty nice. I couldn't do much, just sit in the boat and the beach, or float around since I was 6 1/2 months pregnant. I would go again in a heartbeat though. There were lots of fun and crazy things that happened. To start off, Jan and Jerry's boat only ran for about 30 minutes. So, us four had to hop between Chad, Monte, and John's boat the rest of the week. That first day, Tagg, Jan, and I decided to take a break from the boat rides and stay with the "beach" stuff, and we got hit with a wind storm! Sand and water was blowing every where, and we were trying to hold on to life jackets, towels, floaties, and anything else that was left with us on this rock. Needless to say, John and Kami were the only one's that came to our rescue! Thanks again by the way. :o) Other things that happened were: ~Chad's boat ran out of gas, twice and Monte had to pull him to the dock.

~Tagg getting teased by everyone for not jumping...I mean, for getting attacked by crows the day before we left, while climbing a 300 foot tower!

~Losing each other while going to Rainbow Bridge. We just couldn't all seem to stay together. :o)

~Watching Jerry Cliff dive, instead of jumping and convincing Jan to finally jump too.

~Waiting for our room's AC to finally kick in.

~Jan's snoring - no worries, I found the highest decibel ear plugs for Tagg and I to wear each night. We love you Jan, but we gotta get our ZZZZ's

~ Going to Safeway to buy Apple Juice and Milk with 5 young girls.

~ Getting hit on by a drunk guy at 6 1/2 months pregnant. And then he asked me for money and kept telling me "you're welcome" and I would ask for what? And he said, "for my people that created this place for you to come enjoy." Yeah, he was VERY drunk!

~ Jerry promising that he pushed 85 for gas and not 87...but he got charged the 87 price, not the 85. Hmm...I dunno Jerr - computers don't lie. ;o)

All and all it was a great trip! What week are we going next year?


David & Katie said...

That is too funny about the drunk guy! Ha ha! Lake Powell is the best. I'm glad you had fun, and finally updated your blog! Goooooo Darci!!!!

lrix said...

Looks like fun. I wish I had been there with you instead of at work holding up the fort! I missed ya, glad you are back.

Chad & Alli said...

sounds like a blast. I love the pic. Crows, Tagg, really?? Are they still haunting you??? Grin.