Monday, April 21, 2008

My one and only

What his is name? Tagg
How long have you been married? 4 years
How long did you date? 7 months
How old his he? 25

Who eats more sweets? Me, hands down. Since I've been pregnant, I can't avoid Sour Patch Kids...actually anything sour is totally hitting the spot. Tagg will eat a few here and there, but he rarely buys candy or dessert...he's crazy!

Who said I Love You first? Okay, this is a great one-liner. We still laugh about it, I think he's still pretty proud of it. When we were dating, Tagg said to me, "Darc, I don't know if this is Love, but I know that I more than just like you." Isn't that the biggest line ever? Gotta love him for it. :o)

Who is taller? Not hard to be taller than me...Tagg is for sure.

Who can sing better? I'd have to say me, but that's not saying much. We both can rock it out to Rockband though...anyone up to play, we have killer rock outs! I call drums, first! ;o)

Who is smarter? I'd have to say it depends on the topic. Tagg is smart on most subjects, but I kill him on spelling and anything that comes to English.

Who does the laundry? That'd be me. I love the smell of clean clothes, so I don't mind doing it. Tagg does know how and will do a load here and there, if needed. Mostly his smelly basketball clothes, lately I can't even attempt starting the load, but I'll fold it all nicely for him.

Who pays the bills? This is a mostly me thing. I pay all of the bills, but the car. Tagg pays that one, he always has, probably because he just does it over the phone each month. I prefer knowing that the bills are all paid on time, he did it when we were first married, but I think it drove him crazy that I'd always ask if things were paid. It was just easier for me to do it, and I don't mind, I like writing checks as Tagg says.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Standing at the foot of the bed, I sleep on the right. It's closer to the bathroom and I got tired of always climbing over Tagg a million times a night!

Who mows the lawn? I like to mow the front, it's enough for me to keep my tan. Tagg does the back since it's the majority part and our dog loves to follow him.

Who cooks dinner? Honestly, lately Tagg does. The thought of cooking raw meat...well, we'll just keep it at that. I'm so glad that he has not complained once, he just nicely asks, "Hon what sounds good tonight?"

Who drives? Oh, that would be Tagg...but he gets a lot of "passenger driving" from me. I can't help it, sometimes it drives me nuts when he won't stay on his side of the road. This is something we both know won't change. Sorry baby, I love you and just know that you can keep it between the yellow and white lines. :o)

Who is more stubborn? That's me, no questions asked. Dang Sakota blood. :o) I must say that I think I've taught Tagg a thing or two, and I am not really liking it. Guess it's his way of putting me in my place.

Who kissed who first? Tagg did, but I didn't back away by any means. He was the first guy who actually kissed me on the cheek first, then a goodnight kiss, and ended with one on the forehead. Unforgetable, that's for sure. He also was the first guy that didn't prefer "french kissing" and that's when he had me. :o)

Who asked who out first? Well, we met on a blind date that neither of us wanted to go on. I had a "missionary" who was 3 months from getting home, and Tagg was out water-skiing that day and had no interest on meeting anyone new. So, we doubled with Sheryl (my friend) and Tyler (Tagg's friend) and had a great time. The next night, he called and Sheryl and I told them to come over and watch a movie, and it went from there.

Who proposed? Tagg did. He wrote me a poem, and read it over the intercom at Beauty School in front of everyone. I was cutting a client's hair and he paged me to the front (which only the students or staff are allowed) so it really surprised me. I ignored him and kind of gave him a look like, I'm busy, I'll be up when I'm done. But, one of the gals came and finished the guy's hair for me, and I went up to the front. He had it video taped and got down on one knee. There were lots of tears from the girls and everyone kept saying how sweet he was. He had a whole day and night planned out and it was amazing!

Who wears the pants? I'd say I did at first, or I liked to think that I did. I have been working on the whole controlling thing, and I think Tagg and I can both say we're neutral on this. I'm going to have to agree with Lataun though, that Tagg probably does because I too can't make a decision, I trust and value Tagg's opinion too much and don't like to do things without him knowing. We don't ask each other permission to do things, but we do let each other know what's going on, if that makes sense.

I now tag anyone who hasn't done this.


Four Jedi said...

Oh my gosh!! congratulations!!! Wooo-Hoooo!! I am so stinkin excited for you guys! When is your official due date? I am screaming right now, you just can't hear me....or maybe you can, I am pretty loud. I am so glad you found me!! I am still selling Cookie Lee. You can look on the site, just sign in as me( PW (chocolate). They have a virtual catalog online now and I must say that this catalog kicks butt!! I will even give you 25% off. Just let me know. So this is the longest response in the free world. Sorry. I lost your email address!! I am a total loser! We miss you guys!!

Four Jedi said...

Sorry, I forgot to tell you that I loved your post. It was awesome! I haven't seen that one before.

NancyT said...

What a fun little tribute to your hubby! Hey, I learned a lot of new things about the two of you. How are you feeling? Are you sick from the morning sickness?

Ashley Robinson said...

That is super exciting your pregnant! So what finally worked? Being a mom is the best! Tons of work but it's so fun, I am so excited for you guys! I got you message yesterday but I accidentally erased it so I don't have your number! I'm glad you have a blog! Where are you guys living at these days?