Monday, September 15, 2008

What...Another Baby Shower?

I just wanted to tell Courtney (my sister) and Lacey (my friend from work) THANK YOU, THANK YOU for throwing me such a great shower last Saturday! I'm pretty lucky to have you two and Katie and Erin to throw me such great showers! And thank you to all my friends and family that came. I know some of you came from out of state just for the shower, and others that I hadn't seen forever, I was so glad that you all came. Tagg and I are truly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives that support us and love us. We got so many amazing gifts - when we were unloading the car, we just kept saying how thoughtful and generous everyone was. We seriously hit the jack pot. Mom, thank you so, SO much for letting us have it at your house! I know it must have been a headache, but I truly appreciate it! And Jan (my mother-in-law) thank you for coming over and helping me get organized. I can officially say that I'm ready for our baby girl, well, as far as having all of her clothes washed and put away. It's a great feeling! Anyway, thank you again to all that came and Court and Lacey, I seriously can't thank you two enough! Sorry - I'm so sad to say that I didn't get a single picture with me, Court, and Lacey. But, I'll be posting my prego belly here shortly.

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lrix said...

It was a lot of fun to do and I was so excited with your big turn out. You did hit the jackpot and deserved every bit of it. That baby is going to be well dressed!