Thursday, April 2, 2009

6 months old!

Londyn had her 6 month check up last week. She's growing, growing...oh so fast! She was 14.5 lbs (23%) and 26 in. (63%). I am loving this age, even though I'm sad the newborn stage went so quickly, it's fun seeing her cute little personality as she's getting older.
Londyn has been sitting up by her self since she was 5 1/2 months old. She loves her walker and to just sit and watch you. She is giggling more and more, but it's still like pulling teeth to get her to laugh. She is always very smiley in the mornings and when she wakes up from naps, which is one of my highlights of my day!
Londyn is liking her veggies. Sweet Potatoes are her fav, then Green Beans, then Peas, then Carrots. She's not a fan of Butternut Squash. We just started her on fruits, and she's not loving them like I thought. She's tried Applesauce, peaches, and bananas. I'd say banana's are her fav of the three. Next on the list is pears. She definitely loves her Oatmeal and Rice cereal.
So, I love this picture. She loves Backyardigans - right when the Penguin pops up and says, "Hi! I'm Pablo." This is her expression. Isn't it so cute? She will just sit there through the whole opening song and giggle and smile and babble, it is the cutest thing. We're getting so excited for can come soon enough! We went to Anaconda, MT this past weekend for Tagg's annual basketball tourney. (They took third this year) Londyn was pretty dang good! She was ready to be home though, we all were! We had to stay an extra night because of the snow storm, and that was one day too many for that town. :o) Also, my niece, Raelei was baptized on March 21st. So, Londyn and I made a quick trip to Utah. (Tagg had another tourney in Mud Lake) It's was a lot of fun to spend some time with the fam. I can't believe Raelei babe is 8!!


Eric & Penny Kunz Family said...

Too cute, sometimes I think of she looks so much like Tagg and then in the very next pix she looks just like you!

The Schooley's said...

I just want her to pop out of the computer so I can hold her!! I love how cute she is. My kiddos never liked the butternut squash either. Hmmm.. she is adorable!!

Amanda and Enoch Bowler said...

She is so so cute! We'll have to have play dates! haha. Even though Londyn and Ashlynn will be 10 months apart haha. We gotta go shopping now!!!!

John, Melissa, and Braden said...

Holy Cow!!! I can't believe Railei is 8!:) They grow too fast don't they! Yet it is so much fun! Sounds like Londyn is doing good. Braden won't even sit up by himself yet. But it's just because he doesn't want to. Well, she's still adorable.