Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

A couple of weeks ago, we had a couples only Halloween Party. We have lots of fun neighbors and we have been getting together each month for a party. This month was the Howard's turn to plan and it was a blast! We had yummy food, played fun games, which included musical chairs outside in the freezing cold. Great party, great company!! Can't wait for next month!

Burgess & April

Kris & Holly

Josh & Amanda
Us: Tagg's idea, by the way. He was Hannah Montana if you couldn't guess and I was her friend Lola.

Justin & Vanessa

Here is Londyn - our little "stinker". Isn't she the cutest?

I seriously love this costume! Thanks again mom for finding it!! It's been a hit so far, can't wait to show her off some more tomorrow for Halloween. I'll have to try and get a pic of Londyn crawling with this. The bottom of her feet have paws, so "stinkin" cute!! :o)

Couldn't resist - sorry babe! ;o)

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Cec and Dal said...

Oh my heck. That is funny. I love the costumes.

Shelly said...

That is hilarious. Londyn is so cute and I am sure Tagg will have a respect for women in panty hose from now on.

Derek and Sheena said...

Looks like your party was alot of fun! Londyn is such a cute little stinker!

Eric & Penny Kunz Family said...

About time you came out! We are laughing so so so hard.

Tyler and ShaeLee May said...

What a great idea, it is so freakin funny! I love that last picture of him crossing his legs...hahahahaha

Alicia King said...

oh my gosh! I can't stop laughing! that is the funniest thing ever! and Londyn is the cutest little stinker ever!!! it was good to see you again!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness I am never going to let Tagg hear the end of this one ha ha so funny you guys are adorable!