Monday, February 1, 2010

Updates on Lou

I haven't posted anything about Londyn for quite some time. Actually, since she turned one. Londyn started walking at 13 months. She is 16 months now. Crazy! She's a funny little girl. She likes to tease you, especially Tagg. She is at that stage where she loves to sit on things. She loves her Dora chair she got for Christmas, she likes to take my sewing container and sit on it by her activity table, and if she has a box, she drags it all over and sits on it. She's also at the age where she likes to stand on things, like the containers and boxes. Londyn also loves to sing and dance. She will do Ring around the Rosie all by herself, sings and does the actions for Monkey's jumping on the bed, and Monkey's swinging in a tree.

My friend, Katie Wells, has been taking some photo's for my new hobby business. She's awesome and if you're looking for a photographer, click HERE to go to her blog. This is one of my newest patterns, a cap sleeve dress with a sash. I love it!

See that nasty red crusty thing on Londyn's forehead? Yep, it's Impetigo. She did so good not scratching it and took all of her Anti-biotic. It took awhile to heal up and got pretty nasty. It started out looking like a little zit and then she bumped her head on the corner of our computer desk and it all went downhill from there. It got really yellowish and filled with pus, it was nasty! I'm glad that the meds worked and is all healed up. :o) This is the Dora chair that she loves. She also love the piano. She keeps us pretty entertained and she is a very mild mannered girl.

Londyn is a smart little girl! She catches on very quickly and is very observant. This is her signing "more". She knows a lot of signs now and people are so funny when they see her sign, they are amazed. To me, it's not a new concept. I was impressed when one of my friends started teaching her daughter a few signs like more, please, milk, etc. I have always loved Sign Language and knew that I wanted to teach my kids. Some people say it can affect them in not talking cuz they'll just sign, but it has been so helpful during this stage cuz she can't talk yet. So, we'll see how she does. Some more signs she's learned are: Thank you, sorry, I love you, milk, candy, more, baby, brush your teeth, cheese, eat, all done, please, again, no no.

One of her many faces. She was teasing Tagg, he wanted kisses and she would get off this little car and start walking towards him and when she was in arms reach, she'd hurry and run back to the car. I think she thought she was "safe". Tagg bought her a basketball hoop and she's a little short for it, but she will sit on the couch and we'll put the hoop next to it and she will "dunk" it in. She's so funny. Tagg was watching a basketball game and Londyn came into the room and as she did a guy hit a three point shot and the crowd was cheering. Right when he made it, she said, "OOOhh." Then the other team went and scored and she said it again. Do you think she's been to basketball games or what? :o) Don't get me wrong though, she is still very much a girly girl. She still loves her babies and must sleep with one of them. She likes to play dress-up with our clothes and hats and shoes. This is such a fun age!


Cec and Dal said...

She is so dang cute. She is learning so much right now. It is fun to watch her. Hopefully she can teach Kai a few things.

Todd, Marie, Bronwyn, Magdalen, and Baby Ty. said...

We have done sign with all of our kids, and loved it! And I don't think it interfered with talking at all. My girls talk nonstop!

KC Phototgraphy said...

She is getting so big! I can't believe it. We need to get together and hang out. Call me! Kassie