Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Most Valuable Player

One of Tagg's sweet interceptions during the Championship Game.
And the award goes to...Tagg Williams - Most Valuable Player 2008!
Dustin Simmons, Tagg, and Matt Landon after the Championship Game.

Okay, so I am so late on posting this, but better late than never, right? Tagg and a few of his friends played for the semi-pro football team, Eastern Idaho Lionz. They usually play in the AAA division, but after the craziness that went on during the season last year, they didn't know if the Lionz would even exist this year. So, they moved them down to AA and they dominated. It is always fun to see Tagg in his element, I seriously don't know what this kid would do without sports! Everyone keeps giving him a bad time that once this little girl is born, he won't get to play so much. I'm hear to tell ya that I doubt things will change. I am already excited for Basketball to start up and even though we'll have a little one, these sporting events give us a chance to get out of the house. :o) Tagg had an awesome year with the Lionz, he had a total of 9 interceptions. The first 3 were in his first game and the last two were in this Championship game. He was also chosen for the All RMFL Defense 1st Team as Safety. Way to go, Tagg!


granny janny said...

Hey Congrats!!! Counting down on the baby----you are looking so cute!!! What an exciting time for you-----actually all of us!!!

Kelli said...

All of Tagg's sporting events will just give you a great opportunity for little one to wear onesies that support her Daddy!

NancyT said...

Hey Darc- I got your text today. My address is
3668 E Spectrum Dr
Idaho Falls ID 83401

The Schooley's said...

Go Tagg!! I am going to have to agree with Kelli on this one!!