Friday, August 22, 2008

No more Bees!

Tagg was stung by a bee the other day and it swelled up more than when he sprained his ankle! He even woke up in the middle of the night needing to throw up - which the doctor said was a reaction to the bee sting. He had to take anti-biotics and draw a line on his ankle where the swelling was at, and if the swelling spread beyond that line, he would have had to go in for a shot. If anyone knows Tagg and his fear of needles, you'll know that he was faithfully taking his medicine. (Not something he usually does.) Anyway, the swelling went down and all is well. All except for the bees that lurked in our front yard! The bees were getting really bad this year so we were off to the store to find something to kill them. This is where the picture comes into play. Raid is my new favorite product!! It seriously zaps the bee and kills it on contact. So, Tagg was having his revenge and was killing these bees left and right. We found two huge nests under this bench by our front porch, another one under the lid of our garbage can, two in the eaves covering our porch, and then one in our neighbors mailbox that is next to ours. We went through two cans of Raid and haven't seen nearly as many bees since. Thank you Raid!


lrix said...

I am glad Tagg got his revenge! At our family reunion last week, Brigham and Haylee were victims of bees too. I was so bugged (no pun intended) :)

The Schooley's said...

Holy Bees!! I can't believe you had so many around the house!! Poor Tagg. I am glad he is doing better!!