Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Can't get enough

What happens when your high school gets a turf football field? An Alumni Football Game. Yep, West Jefferson has a turf field, so the alumni came up with a way to play on it. They have a Charity football game where the proceeds went to help a kid from WJ with Medical Bills as he was diagnosed with Throat Cancer. This was the second year they did it, but the first for Tagg and Chad (Tagg's brother). They split the teams according to the year you graduated, so the odd years were the away team and the even years were home. Tagg and Chad graduated ten years apart and it was so fun to see them play a football game together. Chad took over as the QB and Tagg as a WR, and there was no stopping them. The only thing the other team could do was hit them hard and do a lot of trash talking. :o) Tagg and the odd years, won 26-12 I believe. Woohoo - way to go! But...was the sore knees, ribs, back, legs, arms, etc worth it? I guess so cuz Tagg and Chad both say they'll play again...they just can't get enough!


Lataun said...

Love your blog facelift. That baby is so cute. You'll have to send me a copy of that pic. It's a good one of them.

Cara said...

Hey Darci- I found your blog through a friend - hopefully you remember me! Long time - since high school and dance and all the fun! Your baby is beautiful! I'm sorry to hear all you had to go through, it was a touching story and so glad it ended up in a great result! Hopefully we can keep in touch better!