Monday, August 31, 2009

11 months old

Where has this summer gone? I just realized I haven't posted once this month...and here it is the last day of August! Crazy! We have a had a fun, busy, and short summer. We went to Heber City, Utah for the Williams Family Reunion. Lots of fun and memories there! Like what the losers of Texas Hold 'em had to do...Lex singing on the train, trying to get everyone to join in. Chad yelling at him to "Shut up! And sit down!" Then Melissa riding a bike about 2 miles downhill with a Barbie helmet, saying "wheee!" and singing. And good 'ole Grandpa Jerry having to drive around the security gate a couple of times. And Logan asking if he could buy a blue wagon from someone's yard that was overly cluttered with "stuff". (we wondered if they were preparing for a yard sale and just never got around to pricing things) Ahh, good times!
Londyn turned 11 months old on the 25th. I know each month I say how crazy it is, but seriously, it goes by so fast! I'm just going to write some things that she's been doing so I can remember them. Londyn is walking around the furniture like crazy, but not walking on her own yet. She loves to dance, I kid you not. Tagg got to go to a Def Leppard/Poison/Cheap Trick concert, so he was listening to their music a lot. Londyn is hooked! She loves the sound of drums and starts head bopping to it. When we're driving, she'll be looking out the window and just start bouncing along to the music. She has also started to climb into her bouncer and hold onto the top of it, stand up, then start bouncing up and down. The vibrating button must be on, if you turn it off, she'll bounce for a second, stop, then reach down and turn it back on and begin the bouncing again. Hilarious to watch! She also loves to dance to Tagg's cell phone ringtones. She'll keep handing you the phone to turn it on so she can dance. I have loved seeing her comprehend things. She's pretty dang smart! She's been blowing kisses, giving kisses, and hugs, for a couple of months now. Recently, she's picked up on putting the phone or her hand to her ear and saying "hello?" She'll also put both hands to her ears and shake her head as you say, "I'm not listening". Of course, this is really cute now. :o) She has a serious love for dolls and stuffed animals. She'll see them and stick her hand out and say "Uhmmm". Then when you give it to her, she cuddles it and starts rocking back and forth, then hums to it. She also loves my mom's dog and neighbor's cat. Oh, and Tagg is pretty proud that she has taken an interest in playing ball. She loves bouncy balls and will crawl after it and then throw it, and crawl after it again. She especially loves doing this on the hardwood floor since it keep rolling. Or throwing it to my mom's dog, Meisha, because she'll go chase it and bring it back to Londyn. Some milestones to remember:
*First time in a boat at Heber City (fell asleep the whole time on the boat)
*First time on a 4-wheeler (put you in a carrier and you fell asleep the whole ride)
*Got your third tooth, bottom (now have three bottom teeth, and the fourth bottom coming in)
*Got babysat by Holly (first time being left with a babysitter as mom and dad went to the Temple)
*Actually, got babysat three times (Holly, Jalyce, and Jan) in a week! After mommy hadn't left you with anyone, but daddy!
*First word, mom :o)
*Understanding the word more, and starting to say it
*Attached to mommy, especially when tired
*Loves to play in mom and dad's bed in the morning, especially to crawl up on daddy to wake him up! (He is so not a morning person!)
*Pats to Little Einsteins when the Rocket is about to take off
I wish I could write just how much personality this little girl has! She is a character and we couldn't love her more!

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