Thursday, October 7, 2010

Summer happened so fast...

This summer was so much fun with Londyn! She's at a fun age and does so many sillythings. So, this picture tells a funny story! With Tagg being gone, I've had the pleasure of taking care of the lawn and making it the greenest it's ever been! Sorry Tagg, but it's true, you kinda turned our yard into a brown, weed fest last year. :o) Anyway, I'm a perfectionist in a lot of things that probably doesn't matter. Sad, but I can admit it. Well, it takes me awhile to get the sprinklers set in just the right spot so that it waters the corners AND the flowers. So, I move the sprinklers around, run up onto the porch, stick my leg through the railing and turn the water on with my foot, run back onto the sidewalk to make sure it's where I want it. If not, I run back up and turn the water off and re-position them. I repeat this several times until the three heads are all in the right spot. Apparently, Londyn - being the observant child that she is - thought she could save me a few steps. :o) As I was re-positioning one of the heads, the water turns on! I scream, and back away, and then notice Londyn with her foot through the railing, turning the water on. Then, I hear laughter behind me, and see that Kris (our across the street neighbor) saw the whole thing. How embarrassing. I still can't believe that Lou could reach it and actually turn it on. The little stink! :o)

It's always fun to have cousins over! Luckily, Londyn has a few bikes to share. Indee even hopped on my bike and pulled Londyn and Mia behind her in the bike trailer. I was pretty impressed cuz it was a little big for her. If you know Indee though, you know that she was determined to do it! We sure wish we were staying here, these cute girls and family just moved to Ririe. And Penny & Eric finally moved back from Portland to Tetonia. So, we have been spending time with them and it's been a blast! At least we won't be too far away.

We've spent a lot of time on the phone with Daddy, too! Every time my phone rings, Lou rushes to it and says daddy, daddy, daddy until I answer it. I'm glad she's at this age while he's been away. She's not quite old enough to really realize that he's gone for so long. But yet, she's still at the age where she'll snuggle me so I'm not so lonely. :o)


hollyb said...

She is too cute!!!

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