Monday, February 20, 2012

Londyn turned 3!

Our very girly girl turned three! Thanks Melonie, for taking these cute pics of her!

So, sweet! She is very loving and kind hearted! She loves princesses and dressing up. She is super easy going and loves to learn new things. She is a curious and observant little thing! She gets her calm demeanor from her daddy and her picky, attention to detail, from mom. Londyn is a funny girl too, she loves to make you laugh and really is quite funny. She truly has brought us so much joy and laughter. We love you, Miss Londyn!

Thank you Brittney for this perfect princess cake!! She was SO excited about the crown and wand! I can't believe she's three!!

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alicia.king said...

awww, she's so big now! happy birthday to her! love her long beautiful hair too :)